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Lady Laura's Home Page


I'm Lady Laura, welcome to my site.

I'm not a professional dominatrix, but a kinky lady who prefers submissive men. For years I thought I was a submissive until I had the opportunity to have a couple of relationships with dominant men in an alternate lifestyle group. Definitely not my cup of tea. But I have played the submissive role with people I've really trusted so you could call me a switch who prefers submissive men in real life relationships. I do like being in control...

I like the openness and honesty of the people in the alternate lifestyle groups I've attended. They're not making judgments of others sexual differences and preferences. Safe and consensual with respect is what it's all about no matter what your preferences are.

So let's chat about some of your kinkiest fantasies or real life experiences. I love being the kinky lady next door...Let me entice you with my hour glass figure and luscious full lips. You could be my neighbor who I deliberately set out to capture and enslave for my pleasure. My goal is to entice and tease you while I'm wearing my sexy lingerie. You can't stop staring at my bedroom window--I do love giving you some shows you'll never forget, but I'll either call the cops or punish you myself once I catch you peeking. You could be my male boss who is constantly staring at my feet and legs. I soon have you licking the soles of my shoes, worshiping my ass, and making you wear my panties under the threat of a harassment suit...I have plenty of fun kinky things for you to experience--so let's play.

Now, pay attention please, look close near the top right corner of this screen. There you will see my availability. "Yes, I'm Available. Call Me!" means I'm presently taking calls. "Sorry, Not Available." means I'm away now and NOT taking calls. If I'm available but don't answer, it means I'm on the phone. In that case, leave a message and I will call you as soon as I'm finished. Or feel free to call me back later.

Don't be shy, unblock your phone and call 505 892-6889 or click this link to make an appointment. I do not accept blocked calls or text messages.

I'm looking forward to our time together. Call me at 505 892-6889.

Lady Laura

Reasons I have not called you back when you left a message:

     1. You asked me to call you back without leaving a number.

     2. You mumbled in the phone and I couldn't understand what you said.

     3. You were vulgar. Why would I call someone back that's rude?

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